Friday, September 21, 2007

Our Root Language - Hokkien

Hokkien - a Dialect, a very familiar, close, warm and touching type of language that our fore-fathers passed down to ALL of us.

Due to the fast-pace changes happened around us, this language has been eliminated by a lot of the people - a lot of ignorant people - it's totally sad and disappointed to see and know that.

Is it important to keep it going?My reply is Yes, Definitely Yes and a MUST YES.

Hope that by introducing the various songs in my web, by putting in the Pin Yin and brief explanation on the songs, it can somehow create a small awareness to those who have yet to THROW away this language to come back to learn a little bit more on our precious language - Hokkien.

Your support will make this culture go a longer journey.

Here's the link to the web:

Million thanks.

Jave Wu made my kowtow.